A few photos from the Carrossier ProColor conference. Check out the gallery below for more photos!

By Jeff Sanford

Montreal, Quebec -- November 2, 2015 -- Carrossier ProColor held its annual conference recently, drawing together representatives of stores, Carrossier ProColor and CSN Collision Centres. The conference took place at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Quebec.

The theme of the conference was “Together To The Future,” with a nod to the Back to the Future movie series provided by an onsite DeLorean, done up in the style of the films, and several appearances by “Doc Brown.”

An animated video titled, “What does your future hold?” kicked off the event on October 29. Other highlights from the conference included a vendor showcase, cocktail parties and an improvisational theatre performance.

On the educational side, there were presentations from industry experts on marketing and industry conditions, in addition to workshops and seminars on shop management procedures and managing customer experiences were held. A gala banquet was held on October 30 to acknowledge some of those in the Carrossier ProColor network who went above and beyond in the past year.

Attendees were greatly aided by the use of a unique app created just for the event. The conference app included the details on the agenda, maps, schedules, directions activities, speakers, exhibitors, floor plans and hotel information.

A themed camera in the app even installed a digital frame over pictures taken at the event. Notifications that needed to be transmitted to attendees during the event were “pushed” to smartphone owners. Adopting such a pro-digital approach may be the wave of the future.

For more information, please visit carrossier-procolor.com. Check out all the photos from the conference in the gallery below! 

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