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Thursday, 18 July 2013 14:44

Brighton, Michigan -- July 18, 2013 -- Transtar has released a new product the company hopes will benefit customers worldwide.

Transtar says the Hydroflex Plus Primer is a unique waterborne acrylic urethane primer surfacer designed for a wide range of plastics, including thermoset and thermoplastic substrates. The Hydroflex Plus is designed for use prior to painting and can be applied to hard, soft or flexible plastic, such as SMC, BMC, TPO, polypropylene, PVC, PP/EPDM, AB, and PUR.

Some of the benefits of the primer include that it's flexible enough to withstand abuse and impact on a bumper cover, as well as prevent cracking. Additionally, the primer possesses a high solid content that better fills in small surface imperfections for a smoother, even surface on finished parts. The high build means fewer coats and less material being used, and since the primer is ready to spray, no mixing or reducer is required. Overall adhesion and long-term durability and weathering can be improved by the Hydroflex Plus.

Waterborne primers can act as cost-effective solutions for plastic vehicle interior and exterior body parts and specialty applications. They possess low volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels to meet regulatory requirements and allow people to topcoat with most basecoats and clearcoats, including water, solvent and single-stage (enamels, urethane and polyurethane).

For more information about Transtar’s products and services, please visit


Transtar unveils HydroFlex Plus Primer
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